This was the last run of the 2018 Mountopia challenge!


Pretty crazy that I managed to keep this amount of running without issues! This was a great thing for me! I loved this challenge! Now I know that I have much more to give, that I'm stronger that I ever believed to be! Amazing indeed!


I managed to run 451.86 in 3 weeks of the challenge in 45:53:40 and the last week of the challenge was unforgettable for me.... I ran more than 200km!!! Crazy but true! 😁


Thanx to everybody and congratulations to you all! 👏 👌 👍


I did what I could do and I really hope that I will be one of the four winners of the Mountopia Challenge 2018 and be able to travel to the Alps and be able to climb the Großglockner in Austria, Ortler in Italy and Zugspitze in Germany during a 3 day guided tour! What an adventure that could be right!!! Amazing! 😋


I have to say "THANK YOU" to each and every person that voted for me in the first place! You are great! 😁 👏


Now it's time to relax and let the jury decide and.... hope!


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